Professional Accreditation

European Statistical Accreditation

FENStatS executive committee has finalized the system for accreditation of statisticians, according to the proposal of the accreditation committee. The next step is for the national associations to adopt the system, name at least three auditors and start receiving the applications.
Once your national statistical association has adopted the system, they will start receiving applications, fees and evaluating the applications for the first round in March 2020. 
NOTE: FENStatS is not receiving the applications! 

Accreditation will require:

  1. At least an MSc in statistics or equivalent
  2. At least five years of work experience
  3. Professional development during this time
  4. Communication skills
  5. Compliance to ethical standards
  6. Member of a FENStatS member organization

An application fee of EUR100, and an additional EUR20 per year, is collected by the national association. A discounted application fee (EUR60) is offered in the first year (2020).

The FENStatS accreditation committee can be reached via  accreditation@fenstats.eu