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The chief editor of the Journal of Official Statistics died

Lars Lyberg, the eminent statistician, died earlier this month.  Lars was the founder of the Journal of Official Statistics and served as Chief Editor for more than 25 years.  A prolific author, Lars wrote or edited a number of books that have been fundamental to improving the work of official statistics, including Measurement Errors in Surveys (1991), Introduction to Survey Quality (2003), Survey Methods in Multicultural, Multinational and Multiregional contexts (2010) and Total Survey Error in Practice (2017).

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Lars was also one of the founders of a number of highly successful annual workshops including the International Workshop on Household Survey  Nonresponse, International Total Survey Error Workshop and International Comparative Survey Design and Implementation Workshop and served on many international advisory committees.

On behalf of the IAOS and the International Official Statistics community, I extend our sympathies to his family and close friends. 

The virtual funeral service for Lars will be on Friday, March 26. You can find the link to the service on Lars’ memorial page under the heading “links” (or “länkar” in Swedish), at https://bit.ly/3lvjcoU.

John Pullinger

IAOS President  

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