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Workshop: How to be an effective statistician

event date: 2021-12-01The Effective Statistician organizes the free virtual workshop to equip the statistician with a toolbox to become more impactful.

The event will take place on December 1st, 2021, from 15-18h in Central European Time and from 9h-12h in US Eastern Time. It will provide insights, via real-life examples, in the following four dimensions and give actionable steps to move forward: 

  1. Leadership – the ability to influence others with or without formal authority; 
  2. Innovation – the skill to solve problems in better ways, creating value for the organization; 
  3. Knowledge – the capability to learn about the area of research and the (un)written rules of the organization and the environment it operates in; 
  4. Excellence – the way you get the right tasks done with minimal effort and high quality. 

The interactive virtual workshop will combine short presentations, Q&A sessions and group discussions in break-out groups via zoom. Although the workshop is free of charge, registering is required. 

Further information and registration here.

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